Mongo Spark Connector Python

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Have MongoDB up and running and Spark 2.2.x downloaded. See the introduction and the SQL
for more information on getting started.

You can run the interactive pyspark shell like so:

The Python API Basics

The python API works via DataFrames and uses underlying Scala DataFrame.

DataFrames and Datasets

Creating a dataframe is easy you can either load the data via DefaultSource ("com.mongodb.spark.sql.DefaultSource").

First, in an empty collection we load the following data:

Then to load the characters into a DataFrame via the standard source method:

Will return:

Alternatively, you can specify the database and collection while reading the dataframe:

And to write a dataframe to a collection:


Just like the Scala examples, SQL can be used to filter data. In the following example we register a temp table and then filter and output
the characters with ages under 100:


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