Idea 项目中 增加鼠标右键功能

  1. From the File menu select Settings...
  2. In the left panel select Appearance & Behavior > Menus and Toolbars.
  3. In the right panel expand the Editor Popup Menu entry.
  4. Select the final entry of that menu, which (for me) was JSP Actions.
  5. Some buttons on the right should now be enabled. Click the Add After... button:
Idea 项目中 增加鼠标右键功能-园艺资材批发美乐棵,奥绿肥,花多多,赤玉土,品式泥炭
  • The Choose Actions To Add dialog opens. Navigate to the Call Hierarchy entry:
    • Expand the Main menu entry, then expand the Navigate entry.
    • Scroll down and select the Call Hierarchy entry.
    • Click OK to close the Choose Actions To Add dialog.
    • At the end of the list of menu entries there should now be a new entry for Call Hierarchy.
  • Click OK to close the Settings window.
  • Position the mouse cursor over a method in the editor window, right click and select Browse Call Hierarchy from the bottom of the popup menu:
    Idea 项目中 增加鼠标右键功能-园艺资材批发美乐棵,奥绿肥,花多多,赤玉土,品式泥炭
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